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Reliable Partnerships

Hiring an engineering firm should make your job easier, not harder. With over 30 years of experience working for dozens of government agencies at the city, state, and federal level, we know the procedures, skill sets, and relationships required to deliver your project, and exceed your expectations.

We believe in showing up on time and staying until the work is done. We understand the pressure that can be placed on municipal engineering departments. We stand by you as part of your team to find solutions that make sense taking all aspects of your projects into consideration.

Need full-service support with a team of experts?

Proactive and Aggressive in Problem Solving

Each project has its own set of unique challenges. You need a core team with solid experience that stays with your project throughout. At HKA, we can effectively identify the risks, benefits, and costs of various design options and assist you in navigating through the process for a design that is most optimal for your community.

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Great with the Public

Over the years our reports have been used to answer community questions—we’ve even come to council meetings ourselves to answer questions about a project. We are well known for our simple, clear communication, to make sure you and your project are properly understood.