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Acquire a Partner to Help You Reliably Win Proposals – and Deliver Them, Too!

Hernandez, Kroone and Associates understand everything you need to do to deliver your project and we are right by your side saying let us help. We are a full supporting partner from planning, to environmental, design, to construction management. We constantly strive to support you in all aspects of the project. We believe the entire team success is directly tied to our mutual client's satisfaction.

Need full-service support with a team of experts?

We Bring Over 35 Years of Networking & Connections to the Table

You know you need great connections with people in government to make your project stand out. We've spent the past three decades developing relationships with local, state and federal government agencies and are ready to deliver.

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It's All About Relationships

We believe in the long-term relationships with our clients and everything we do is tied to that philosophy. As a team member, we feel it is important to implement innovative ideas, cost-saving solutions, or exceed the customer's expectations in order to win the next project. This includes being proactive in recognizing potential issues and being able to weigh the pros and cons of effective solutions.

Highly Trained Core Team

Each of our professionals is experienced and trained in their area of specialty. However, it doesn't stop there. We believe in order to be truly effective, our professionals need to be trained in multiple disciplines. This ensures that our professionals understand the needs of all other team members, the critical path of a project, delivery needs, and a complete understanding of how other team members will rely on and use our product.