Top Experts Working on Your Design from Start to Finish

HKA’s Design/Build services incorporates the function of an architect, engineer and construction manager into a highly specialized team providing an integrated approach that is focused on the specific performance needs and goals of your project.

At HKA, we pride ourselves on developing the best design solution that provides the maximum value for dollar spent while maintaining all of your performance goals. We infuse the same care into our design/build projects as we do to our other construction management contracts by providing dedicated experts, management systems, and resources.

A few of HKA’s projects have included new buildings for the Federal Government, residential housing, modernization of facilities at Community Colleges, modernization or repair work at military installations, conversion of condominiums to apartments with full ADA accessibility, and a wide range of other architectural/transportation projects.

HKA experts can provide:

  • General Engineering Contractor

  • Architectural

  • Space Planning

  • Building Type Selection

  • Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing

  • Engineering

  • Civil Engineering (Street Improvements and Grading Plans)

  • Traffic Engineering/Traffic Control Plans

  • Storm Water Design & Inspection

  • Hydrology Studies & Drainage Design

  • Project Plans, Specifications & Estimates

  • Permit Processing & Entitlements

  • Land Surveying

  • Alignment Stakes

  • Cut/Fill Stakes

  • Slope Stakes

  • Quality Control Checks