Civil engineering Student Mentorship

Hernandez, Kroone & Associates Mentor Civil Engineering Seniors

Giving Back to Cal Poly Pomona’s Engineering Program

San Bernardino, California, June 6, 2018—

Hernandez Kroone and Associates, (HKA) gives back to their alma mater through mentoring a group of Cal Poly Pomona Civil Engineering Seniors on an ambitious senior project.

John Hernandez, of HKA, a Professional Engineers (PE) and Cal Poly Pomona graduate was looking for new opportunities for HKA to give back to the community. Mentoring future engineers with a project in their community was a perfect way to do that.

John was joined by Anne Hernandez, PE, Principal of HKA, as industry advisors to the Cal Poly Pomona team led by Allan Ng, MSCE, PLS, Professor and Dr. Omar E. Mora of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Civil Engineering Department. Fourteen senior students comprised the group of civil engineering majors from Cal Poly Pomona who worked on a preliminary engineering project to improve the existing road conditions on San Timoteo Canyon Road, in Redlands, California.

The location of the project was San Timoteo Canyon Road between Barton Road and Beaumont Avenue. Significant portions of the project focused on engineering survey and design. Students conducted an analysis of the current traffic conditions, field surveys, engineering studies, environmental impacts, hydrological studies and cost estimates. The students prepared two alternatives where the second alternative included two roundabouts. They shared their work with the industry advisors from HKA who thoroughly reviewed it and provided professional advice and comments throughout the duration of the project. HKA assisted the students in learning and utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D design, roadway modeling, and hydraulic analysis and HKA’s state-of-the-art field survey equipment – the Trimble SX10 Total Station Laser Scanner. Additionally, HKA supported the students with record searches, County of San Bernardino, the City of Redlands and AASHTO design specifications and design standard.

John Hernandez observed, “It was wonderful seeing the students grow over the past year. I could see their ambition and was happy I could be a part of advising the team. These students got a taste of doing multi-disciplinary civil engineering work at the level of new industry standards and handled it with an exceptional amount of enthusiasm.”

When the project was finished, the students prepared a Project Study Report (PSR) and presented it to students, faculty and guests on June 1, 2018, on the Cal Poly Campus. “I believe the students walked away from this project with a feeling of completeness. Needless to say, this senior project group should be very proud of their accomplishments,” said John. Anne Hernandez added, “John and I spent an enormous amount of time assisting the students. It is really incredible that the students were able to dedicate the time required for the senior project along with their regular classes and a work schedule. All of the students greatly excelled in their software skills and deserve a lot of credit for taking on such an ambitious project. This was only possible due to the dedication and support of their Cal Poly Pomona advisors and instructors.”

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