Aesthetically Pleasing, Energy Efficient, Functional

Hernandez, Kroone and Associates (HKA) have been in business for over 30-years collaborating with and managing design teams made up of accomplished architects and civil engineers.

Architectural engineers bridge the gap between the two professions of architecture and engineering. At HKA, architectural engineers emphasize the scientific and engineering aspects of planning, designing, constructing, and analyzing buildings.

HKA architectural engineering designs not only look good but are safe, energy efficient and functional. HKA works with its clients and partners to set the construction objectives, budget and requirements of the structure.

HKA will also perform pre-construction assessments to determine the feasibility of the project and any environmental impact the structure might have.

HKA experts can provide:

  • ADA Compliance

  • Conceptual Renderings

  • Design and Planning

  • Energy Efficient Standards

  • HVAC Improvements

  • Historical Preservation

  • Renovations