5th Street Bridge City of Highland

Highland, CA

HKA was tasked with staking the 5th Street Bridge and adjacent street improvements including about 2,700 feet of pavement, curb and, gutter, bridge, intersection, water lines, sewer lines, utility lines, etc.

5th Street and Greenspot Road is a major roadway arterial connecting the City of Highland with the cities of San Bernardino and Redlands as well as providing transportation access to I-210 and the San Bernardino International Airport. The 5th Street Bridge is an important component of this arterial system and allows for the stormwater conveyance of City Creek and Bledsoe Creek.

The project consisted of replacing the 5th Street Bridge with a newer, wider bridge. A portion of the project was located in the San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat habitat and required stringent environmental compliance. Architecturally beautiful, the new bridge features stone block walls for the side barriers with vertical hand railing and fashionably styled lights.

Staking and field notes were provided in strict accordance with the Caltrans’ Survey Manual, Safety Manual, and CAD standards, and Right of Way standards. Adjustments to the original plan were made to accommodate a change in ramp design. Water and other utility lines were relocated requiring construction staking and as-built documentation.

Project Details

Unique Challenges

Stringent environmental compliance due to Kangaroo rat habitat.

Relocation of water and other utility lines.


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