Zanja Trail

Redlands, CA

The Zanja Trail Greenway Park Project is a 2.2-mile trail from 9th Street to Wabash Avenue in Redlands, CA.

The trail will follow the historic Zanja irrigation canal and provide educational and recreational opportunities to the community, it will also support the Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) and other trails in the area providing non-vehicular access from the east side of Redlands to the downtown area.

The Zanja Trail – Eastern Region project site comprises approximately 1.2 acres along its 3,300-foot length from between Lincoln Street and Wabash Avenue, in Redlands, California.

The project site is located approximately 0.2 miles north of Citrus Avenue. The project site is located along the south side of the Zanja Channel from Lincoln Avenue to Dearborn Street and along the north side of the Zanja Channel from Dearborn Street to Wabash Avenue. A pocket park is planned at both ends of the project.

HKA was responsible for SWPPP, traffic analysis, construction services, land surveying and mapping.


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