Burrtec Waste Industries

Burrtec Waste Industries San Bernardino, CA HKA was contracted by Burrtec Waste Industries to provide modification plans of a traffic signal at the intersection of Mill Street and South Sierra Way in San Bernardino.  The city required upgrades to the signal operation as well. Services performed by HKA included: Replacing the existing signal heads with…

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Zanja Trail

zanja greenway park project Redlands CA

Zanja Trail Redlands, CA The Zanja Trail Greenway Park Project is a 2.2-mile trail from 9th Street to Wabash Avenue in Redlands, CA. The trail will follow the historic Zanja irrigation canal and provide educational and recreational opportunities to the community, it will also support the Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) and other trails in the…

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Project Study Report Route 90

traffic improvements marina del rey

Project Study Report Route 90 Marina del Rey, CA Marina del Rey is a coastal community where the land and water is owned entirely by the County of Los Angeles and is leased out to private leaseholders. The area is comprised of marinas, six hotels, rental apartments, condominiums, and retail, office, and restaurant development. In…

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Sycamore – Peñasquitos SDG&E New Transmission Line

Sycamore – Peñasquitos SDG&E New Transmission Line San Diego, CA The Sycamore – Peñasquitos project is the construction of a new 230-kV transmission line between existing Sycamore Canyon Substation and Peñasquitos Substation within San Diego County, California. The existing line consists of replacing 8.3 miles of wood H-frame structures, 2.8 miles of new underground transmission…

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Sierra Highway County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

los angeles county sierra highway

Sierra Highway County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Los Angeles, CA The County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works contracted with HKA to design passing lanes in three different locations over winding mountain terrain. Prior to the design phase, HKA reviewed the design scope prepared by the County of Los Angeles and…

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Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health Incorporated Health Center

traffic transportation experts

Riverside San Bernardino County Indian Health, Incorporated Health Center Riverside County, CA HKA was contracted to provide an extensive traffic analysis in two major intersections in preparation for the planned professional medical/dental office building in an unincorporated area of Riverside County. Due to the project site being located within Native American jurisdiction, HKA developed project…

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REAL Journey Academies

traffic engineering plans Highland CA

REAL Journey Academies Highland, CA HKA was contracted to perform a variety of services for the offsite improvements of a former K-mart building slated to become a new charter school in the City of Highland by the Fall of 2018. Because the improvements lay within the right of way of the City of Highland and…

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I-10 HOV Lanes METRO

I-10 HOV Lanes METRO Los Angeles, CA HKA was tasked with evaluating the traffic impacts of adding either a 2 – or 3 – person HOV Lane on I-10 as a sub-consultant to P&D Consultants who were preparing the environmental document. In this role, HKA obtained the SCAG model, Caltrans HOV Report, Caltrans Route Concept…

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Traffic Engineering Services City of Highland

traffic planning improvements highland CA

Traffic Engineering Services Highland, CA Since 2007, HKA has been providing On-Call Traffic Engineering services to the City of Highland. The services provided are listed below: Peer Review of traffic studies and environmental documents Signing, striping, signal and lighting plan reviews Assistance with Grant Applications Analysis of trucking and trucking routes Calculation of fair share…

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Friends of Riverside County of Riverside Parks

construction feasibility report Riverside CA

Friends of Riverside County of Riverside Parks Riverside County, CA The construction of the fence and rail for the Metro link line from Riverside to Perris Valley blocked traditional pedestrian access from Riverside and the University of California at Riverside to the Box Springs Mountain Reserve. Particularly of the Big “C” Trail, a trail to…

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