REAL Journey Academies

Highland, CA

HKA was contracted to perform a variety of services for the offsite improvements of a former K-mart building slated to become a new charter school in the City of Highland by the Fall of 2018. Because the improvements lay within the right of way of the City of Highland and the City of San Bernardino, HKA staff worked closely with the two cities before submitting any plans to ensure all standards and specifications were met for both municipalities.

HKA researched and mapped the utilities on the base map. HKA coordinated with SCE to obtain a new point of service and with the water department to obtain a new water meter and backflow for the irrigation system. HKA provided information to the City of Highland to aid in the development of the assessment districts.

The signal design needed to address the proximity of the overhead electrical transmission lines. The height and location of the traffic signal poles had to be considered to ensure minimum clearances were maintained. Several conceptual designs were developed and reviewed with SCE before the design of the traffic signals were complete.

Services included:

  • A topographic survey utilizing laser scanner

  • Preparation of traffic engineering plans, specifications, landscaping plan, and construction estimates

  • Research and surveying to map right of way, utilities, and topography along Highland Avenue

  • New traffic signal design

  • Signing and striping modifications

  • Street improvement including ADA compliant curb ramps, raised medians with landscaping, offsite grading, and interconnect between two (2) existing traffic signals and new signal


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