Valencia Grove Housing Community

Redlands, CA

The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) desired to replace 115 existing homes that were built over 70 years ago at the intersection of Orange Street and Lugonia Avenue (Highway 38) within the City of Redlands. The existing housing would be replaced in phases with pre-built modular units. Due to the new two-story concept, the number of rental units would increase to 228 and provide homes for approximately 940 residents.

HKA assisted the HACSB by providing landscaping plans which included design elements for the main courtyard, community center, pool, decorative sidewalk and pavement treatments, and 2 play areas. For the irrigation, HKA implemented solar-powered irrigation controllers and latching solenoids to control the parkway irrigation system thus saving the client the cost of trenching several hundred feet to the closest power pedestal. HKA also designed monument signs and coordinated approval of those signs with the City of Redlands.

Due to the individual needs of the City of Redlands and Caltrans, the landscaping plans had to be segregated into three sets of plans. One set for the parkway along Lugonia Avenue (Highway 38), one set for Orange Street Parkway for the City of Redlands, and then one set for the interior of the housing project site.

HKA assisted in the design site security lighting, including pathways, parking lots, and pedestrian use areas. The lighting was designed to meet IESNA recommended light levels in compliance with local lighting ordinance while still being energy efficient and attractive. Security Camera Layout plan was provided and was coordinated with City of Redlands Police Department.

Near the completion of construction, HKA assisted the HACSB with emergency services with most delivered within 24 hours. These included designing and constructing building exterior signage, apartment numbers, street name signs, safety signs and other signage.


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