Traffic Engineering Services

Highland, CA

Since 2007, HKA has been providing On-Call Traffic Engineering services to the City of Highland. The services provided are listed below:

  • Peer Review of traffic studies and environmental documents

  • Signing, striping, signal and lighting plan reviews

  • Assistance with Grant Applications

  • Analysis of trucking and trucking routes

  • Calculation of fair share improvements

  • Development of geometric alternatives

  • Traffic forecasting and modeling

  • Traffic calming and safety improvements

  • Worked closely with Caltrans and SBCTA

  • Recommendations and design criteria for roundabouts

The City has an area known as the Golden Triangle for development which is bounded by 5th Street / Greenspot Road, I-210, and Boulder Avenue. The area has been under continuous extensive development. Fifth/5th street operating as one lane in each direction would not be able to handle the traffic demands, so HKA developed the ultimate geometrics for 5th Street using Synchro with a 95th percentile of clearing for the left turn lanes through the corridor.

For the interim solution, HKA analyzed and made recommendations for the lane configuration underneath the 5th Street Bridge and the diamond interchange with I-210 optimizing vehicle movement within the existing right of way and bridge constraints.

For each development, HKA reviews the traffic impact study and the environmental document ensuring compliance with City specific standards and the SBCTA CMP guidelines.

For the Harmony project, HKA performed a progression analysis using traditional four leg intersections and compared that to a series of roundabout intersections with traditional intersections. The progression analysis was used as an informative tool and demonstrated that the delays from signalized intersections were offset from the slowing down in the speed of the roundabout. In essence, for this scenario, the progression timing between the two geometric designs was about the same during the peak hour. The advantage would be during the non-peak hour, motorists would be operating freely as opposed to delays from traffic signals.

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