I-10 HOV Lanes METRO

Los Angeles, CA

HKA was tasked with evaluating the traffic impacts of adding either a 2 - or 3 - person HOV Lane on I-10 as a sub-consultant to P&D Consultants who were preparing the environmental document. In this role, HKA obtained the SCAG model, Caltrans HOV Report, Caltrans Route Concept Report, and System Management Report and prepared the existing and future level of service analysis and impacts for several scenarios. These scenarios included maintaining, adding or modifying auxiliary lanes and on and off ramps along this approximately 7-mile route stretching from the State Route 15 interchange to the San Bernardino-Los Angeles County border.

Specific project tasks included macro and micro modeling, traffic simulation, analysis of freeway mainline, merge/diverge areas, weaving areas, lane closure charts, transportation management plans, analysis of construction impacts, attending PDT meetings, and report preparation including all graphic exhibits.

This study included consideration of Context Sensitive Solutions.

Each City and County agency along the route was contacted to identify their current and future transportation plans specifically in the areas of non-motorized transportation and pedestrian accesses and trails. Complementing this effort, each public transportation provider was likewise contacted to identify their current and future rail, bus, and service plans. Each of these public providers was also contacted to identify how the construction impacts, either delay on the mainline or ramp closures, would impact their operations so appropriate mitigation solutions could be implemented. Likewise, emergency vehicle access was also evaluated.

HKA also coordinated with each City and transportation providers along the entire route to develop an analysis of alternative modes of transportation such as bus service and expansion plans, increased Metrolink service, and bike lanes. HKA researched existing pedestrian bridges and the access to those bridges and analyzed the need for additional pedestrian access to maintain neighborhood connectivity.


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