Beauty, Function, Sustainability

HKA is a full-service landscape architectural firm specializing in combining a beautiful collaborative vision, functional use, sustainable design, and environmental requirements.

Today’s landscape design incorporates a variety of project needs and is unique and charming at the same time. The right landscape design can incorporate the needs of low impact development (LID), water conservation, multi-use planning for open space, trails, use of native plants, and ADA path of travels while taking into consideration the numerous different micro-climates. HKA’s landscape architects pride themselves on having the vision to address all of these issues while simultaneously implementing designs to enhance the site’s natural features and beauty.

HKA’s projects are typically designed to meet standards of:

  • Sustainable Design

  • “Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Assembly Bill No. 1881” as a minimum

  • Low Impact Development

HKA provides landscape design and inspection for both public and private sector clients. The following is a sample of HKA’s landscape projects and services:

  • Gateways/Entrances

  • Civic and Government Centers

  • Commercial Complexes

  • Schools and Universities

  • Parks and Recreational Centers

  • Highways/Freeways/Scenic Routes

  • Athletic Fields and Stadiums

  • Multi-Family Developments

  • Construction Management – Management and Inspection

  • Storm Water compliance documents, reporting, and inspection