Hicks Avenue County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

Los Angeles, CA

This residential roadway rehabilitation project covered approximately 1.5 miles of hillside in an elite section of Los Angeles which provides valley views of hilltop residence.

The narrow road had retaining walls on nearly every property. The uphill residents had on average 3 to 5-foot-high retaining walls. The downhill residents usually had 10 to 20-foot-high retaining walls supporting the road above. Frequently the retaining walls were connected to steps and sometimes driveways as one structural system.

The pavement rehabilitation included pavement widening, which required additional retaining walls, or modification of existing retaining walls. Numerous retaining walls along the route were repaired or replaced due to failures. The repair of the retaining walls included repairing the connecting steps and driveways.

The site had inadequate off-site and on-site drainage due to lack of existing drainage within the project limits. The roadway design allowed for channeling the water to an outlet point. This impacted the numerous driveways along the site, thus requiring driveway profiles.


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