Penhall I-10 State Line Bridge Overlay

Blythe, CA

This project involved the installation of a methacrylate and polyester concrete overlay on the deck of the Interstate 10 Bridge over the Colorado River.

Operations included grinding existing pavement and applying the overlay and striping.

During grinding and application operations, the drains on the bridge were blocked to prevent dirt and trash from entering the stream. The site had to be cleaned and swept before drains could be opened at end of work shifts.

HKA staff functioned as the Water Pollution Control Manager and Inspector working for the Contractor. HKA also provided training to the Contractor’s personnel and monitored the weather and reporting forms.

HKA documented conditions at the work site and contractor’s yard to show compliance with WPCP. This was especially important that the materials stored on site was in waterproof bags and had secondary containment. HKA provided documents to the supervisor or Caltrans oversight engineer as appropriate.


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