March Air Reserve Base Airport Surveillance Radar

Moreno Valley, CA

HKA provided a topographic survey of all existing surfaces, existing buildings, existing utilities and drainage systems for the area selected for the installation of an ASR-11 and areas at both ends of the runway.

Other features surveyed included walls, trees, inverts of culverts, significant rocks and surface changes. HKA located all utility easements. This included all features within 50 feet of the leased area and runway ends. HKA set a permanent benchmark tied into USGS elevation and set monuments at all corners of the leased area. Surveying was completed in sufficient detail to allow mapping to 1’ contours, with areas of less than 2% slope to show existing ground elevation shots every 25’.

As the site was on a military base, field crews required passes and escorts. HKA staff coordinated with MARB staff to schedule escorts and to work near the runways. HKA also completed establishing and setting project control, Topographic Surveying and Mapping, Utility Research, Survey and Mapping


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