U. S. Department of the Navy Marine Base

El Centro, CA

HKA had several projects at the U.S. Marine Base where HKA operated as the design engineer and provided construction management services. The construction management services included preparing the bidding packages, construction inspection, authorizing pay requests, scheduling work activities around an active base, and ordering tests.

The Marine Base had a 100,000-gallon water tank on a 125-foot tower which needed repainting and resealing to protect the structural integrity. This required removal of layers of lead-contaminated paint. The removal of the paint had to be done in a closed environment in order to collect all lead debris including airborne contaminants. Ensuring environmental compliance during construction was critical including daily environmental cleanups. After all paint was removed, the water tower was re-painted.

The parachute dry building painting required washing and painting of a 135-foot tower. Similarly to the water tower, HKA prepared the design specification and contract plans, assisted in the bidding process, and ensured complete environmental compliance.

Eight hanger buildings built in the 1940’s were in need of hanger door repair. Each building had separate issues and therefore the design specifications addressed each door individually. HKA prepared the design and contract specifications, bid packages, and construction inspection of the repairs.


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