Calexico Border Crossing United States General Services Administration U.S. Border Patrol

Calexico, CA

The General Services Administration (GSA) needed documentation of the legal boundaries and easements of the properties currently used, and the adjacent properties, to allow for the expansion and moving of the facilities for a more efficient operation.

Hernandez, Kroone & Associates (HKA) staff completed a boundary survey, easement research and prepared an American Land Title Association Survey (ALTA) for the expansion of the Land Port of Entry at the United States / Mexico Border facility to include new pedestrian and Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV) inspection facilities at the United States Border Patrol Station in the City of Calexico for the General Services Administration.

HKA staff reviewed over 30 parcels in the numerous title reports. HKA identified, surveyed, and mapped water, sewer, electrical, gas, and other utility lines and easements and identified conflicts in the underlying documents that left gaps and overlaps between the property lines.

The expansion project was constructed in two phases.  Phase one consisted of ten northbound POV inspection lanes, a headhouse, 16 Northbound booths, 3 Southbound booths, 32 new secondary inspections stations, 240 surface parking spaces, and site work necessary to accommodate those facilities on the sloping site.

The second phase demolished existing inspection facilities and constructed administration and pedestrian facilities in its place including additional site work, a pedestrian processing facility, administrative offices, three southbound POV inspection lanes and six additional northbound POV inspection lanes.  The project provided 205,000 gross square feet of office and inspection area.

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